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A business website can be much more than an online brochure or a sales tool, it's a chance to tell our story to people that are eager to hear it, and an opportunity to connect with people that are genuinely interested in learning about us. If we use our websites only to list what we do or what we sell we've lost a singular opportunity to explain to our audience who we are, what we are passionate about, and why it matters.

Logos & Branding

First impressions are lasting impressions and for most businesses their logo and their branding are the first impression they will make, and sadly for many businesses it will be the only impression they will ever make. A business's logo design and their visual identity only does one of three things, it either makes a good impression, it makes a bad impression or it makes no impression at all.

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In a world drowned in visual noise it’s not the loudest voice that is heard it’s the clearest voice. The work done at ImageCo doesn't scream, it whispers, and when someone whispers people stop talking, lean in, and hang on every word. So, if you prefer not to engage in a shouting match with your competitors maybe it’s time to rethink how you engage your customers.

Every business has a product and every successful business comes to understand that to sell a product you must communicate the value of that product in a way that customers can identify with. However, you can’t communicate value without having someone's attention and you can’t get someone's attention if you don’t have their respect.

ImageCo...the business image company

ImageCo is an image company that helps businesses dress for success. We do this by creating visual solutions that help companies gain respect and get the attention they need to communicate what they have to offer.  We understand that one solution doesn't fit every problem and every customer has a unique set of challenges that need to be overcome. Blanket solutions may be appealing and they may seem cost effective but wearing a blanket into a sales meeting isn't going to impress anybody.

Experience has taught us that business development is the most difficult job in any business and that rational decisions are often made emotionally. We've found that to achieve success requires not only logical solutions, but a message that communicates your value at an emotional level. This is what design does and this is what ImageCo is all about.

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What's with the mountain?

Well it’s not just a mountain it’s also a volcano, and it’s not just any volcano it’s Mt. Baker, the second largest mountain (and the largest glacier) in Washington state. But moreover, it’s because it’s there, it’s beautiful and it serves to demonstrate that not every website has to be a jumble of rectangles and squares.

Virtually all newspapers, books, magazines, and websites are designed using a grid structure, grids provide an organizational hierarchy that flows naturally and for websites it provides a layout that has a flexibility that is responsive and adapts to different screen sizes. However, when it comes to website design it’s not just the logical choice, it’s pretty much the only choice.

Even though the grid structure of websites is a given, there's no rule that says that just because every website is built using a grid layout that it has to look like a bunch of boxes. We could claim that it's because we think outside the box but that stopped being a clever expression about the same time the web was born, it also wouldn’t be true because we really have no sensible alternative but to work within a grid framework.

When it came time to redesign ImageCo’s website we didn’t think outside the box we just reimagined what that box could be. All designers look for inspiration wherever they can, we all study one another's work and we all borrow from each other, that’s why there are dominant trends in design and why so many websites look like they came off of the same factory production line. In this instance though we took a rather sublime approach to come up with the mountain concept, we simply looked out the window.