I am ImageCo

ImageCo is the online portfolio of Tim Garner; It contains more information about me than you could possibly need or use. Its only purpose for existing is to help you learn about my work and myself. I would like for you to come away from this site thinking to yourself "Hmmm, that Tim Garner, he seems like quite a guy, we should hire him" or possibly "Hmmm, I wonder what Tim's favorite food is; maybe I should buy him lunch sometime" or even "Hmmm, I like this guy's work, I think I'll bookmark this site and keep him in mind for future projects".

The ImageCo Portfolio

The work featured in this portfolio was chosen to highlight various skills I've developed over the years. Some of the designs were chosen simply because I like the design or I feel the piece demonstrates my range. Every design in this portfolio is an original work created by one designer and in no small measure the people that hired me to help them define their brand image. If some pieces have a familiar look it's probably because another artist broke ground before me, I merely followed their path. Richard Harding Davis once said, "The secret of good writing is to say an old thing in a new way or to say a new thing in an old way." The same could easily be said for design.

I may not be the designer you’re looking for

The truth is I’m not actually local to Stockton... What? But I searched for a local Stockton designer! If you consider that you just did an internet search for a designer what does local really mean anymore… does it really matter that I live in another city? Well if you were looking for someone to cut your hair or repair your car it does but the kind of work I do can be done just as conveniently for my Stockton customers as it can for customers in Timbuktu... well maybe not Timbuktu, but you get the idea.

OK so you may really want to keep your business in Stockton and support the local economy, I get it, I’m the same way but I accept that sometimes it just makes good business sense to reach outside my community to get the help I need.

I specialize as a logo designer and working primarily as a logo designer means that I have to market myself outside of my community or I just won’t get enough business to feed my family and you really can’t blame a guy for doing everything he can to take care of his family now can you. So if you have your heart set of working with a local Stockton logo designer or a Stockton web designer I sincerly apologize for sidetracking you with my aggressive marketing tactics, however if your goal is to find the best graphic designer for your project I’m glad that you found me and I hope you take a few more minutes to review my logo design portfolio and my web design portfolio and for considering me for your project.

A few of my Stockton Logo Design Projects