Seattle Sign Design

Ferry Street logo design and business branding

Trampoline Park Sign Design

Cool Springz logo design and business branding

<h2>Orthodontist Sign Design</h2><p>Kujak Orthodontics neon channel letters and internally illuminated monument sign</p>

Restaurant Sign Design

Las Cafe logo design, window sign, blade sign design and logo design

S&J Sign Design

Stainless Steel Wall Sign, business branding and logo design

Cabinet Sign Design

Logo Design, Business Branding and Website Design

Logo Design for Seattle Weather Consultant

Logo Design, Tradeshow Signs, Tradeshow Displays, Website Design and Brochure Design

Advanced Leadership Business Branding

Logo Design, Stationary Design, Interior Wall Sign Design, and Visual Identity Design

Large Format Printing

Logo design and business branding, vehicle wrap signage

Winston and Cooper business branding

logo design, visual identiy, web design

Greeley Logo Design | Web Design | Graphic Design

Dad, Aidan and LucyI’m Tim Garner and I’m an independent graphic designer that specializes in brand identity design and logo design. I began my design career as a brand identity/logo designer working as an electrical sign designer over 20 years ago. Eventually I left the sign industry to focus specifically on logo design but eventually branched out into web design, brochure design, business card design, trade show display design as well as a bunch of other graphic design services. I still do my share of electrical sign design for restaurants and retail businesses but for the most part I make my living as a logo designer. I have designed logos for clients in cities all over the the United States and Canada (which includes providing Greeley logo design services) as well as having logo design clients scattered around the globe, I quite literally have logo design clients as far reaching as the deserts of Saudi Arabia to the banks of the Amazon river.

The ImageCo Portfolio

The work featured in this portfolio was chosen to highlight various skills I’ve developed over the years. Some of the designs were chosen simply because I like the design or I feel the piece demonstrates my range. Every design in this portfolio is an original work created by one designer and in no small measure the people that hired me to help them define their brand image. If some pieces have a familiar look it’s probably because another artist broke ground before me, I merely followed their path. Richard Harding Davis once said, “The secret of good writing is to say an old thing in a new way or to say a new thing in an old way.” The same could easily be said for design.


Select Logo Design Projects

Tim-Garner-150x150ImageCo is the online portfolio of Tim Garner; I’ve been a commercial artist for over 25 years and I help businesses and individuals throughout the US and Canada sell their products, their services, and their ideas. I was born in the Southwest, raised in the Midwest, lived in the South for a bit and now call the Northwest home. I’m a fine artist by training, a graphic designer by choice and I’ve designed everything from billboards to business cards. In my spare time I feed a passion for photography, art and writing. Check out my other creative work at