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Mississippi Logo Design

A unique custom logo design is the foundation of a strong Mississippi brand image.

The Face of Your Mississippi Business

Every Mississippi business has a product and every successful Mississippi business understands that to sell their product they must communicate the value of that product in a way that customers can identify with. However you can’t communicate value without having someones attention and you can’t get someones attention if you don’t have their respect and an exceptional Mississippi logo design can serve as a cornerstone to building that respect.

ImageCo is an image company and we help Mississippi businesses dress for success. We do this by creating exceptional logos for Mississippi businesses that help Mississippi businesses gain respect and get the attention they need to communicate what they have to offer.  We also understand that one solution doesn’t fit every problem and every Mississippi business is unique and their logo designs should also be unique.

Mississippi Logo Design | The Right Fit

Your Mississippi businesses logo design is the public face of your Mississippi business and in turn, your Mississippi company’s logo is an extension of who you are as a business and should clearly communicate the personality of your Mississippi business. Your Mississippi businesses logo design should embody the feeling you want people to have about your business so it needs to be appropriate to who you are and help you make a good first impression as well as a strong lasting impression.

Logos are Visual Tools | Logos are Not Advertisements

Your logo design is visual but it has a lot to say and it should speak well of what kind of the kind of Mississippi business you operate. However, your Mississippi businesses logo design is not an advertisement so don’t make the mistake of using your logo design to explain your services. Think of your logo design as the cornerstone you will use to build a strong marketing message for your Mississippi business.

Once you have developed a positive brand image, your Mississippi logo design will eventually influence sales. When your customers begin to associate your logo with their experiences dealing with your business, your logo will become a trigger that spurs positive thoughts about your company.

Your Mississippi Logo Design | The Face of Your Brand

Logo designs are identifiers that stand in for who you are and should reflect your brand image or the brand image you hope to create. A great Mississippi logo design is memorable, it is appropriate to your brand image and it should be simple enough that it can be used in all of your marketing and will always look the same in all forms of use.

Your Mississippi logo design should be easy to identify and look the same whether it’s the size of a postage stamp or the size of a billboard.

Logo designs should convey the right feeling about business and you should be able to look at your new logo design and know instinctively that it fits your Mississippi business.

Economy of Design | Less is More

Your Mississippi logo design should be approached economically. All memorable logos are simple designs that often rely on very simple recognizable shapes and usually only incorporate a modest color palette of one or two colors. A busy logo design gives the impression of inefficiency and disorder and actually makes the design harder to understand; an economical logo design is a simple design that projects a streamlined, efficient business image.

Be Specific | Stay Focused

A good Mississippi logo design can’t express multiple concepts because they will all compete for attention and the viewer will have trouble focusing on one thing which will likely render your Mississippi logo design useless. The one exception would a dominant design element that incorporates a secondary design element that is very subtle, almost to the point of being subliminal.

Be Recognized | Be Memorable

Your Mississippi logo design will earn equity through it’s constant exposure to your Mississippi customers and over time through its gained recognition. Good logo designs are timeless and will continue to feel appropriate long after they have been designed.

Be Original | Don’t Imitate

Your Mississippi business is unique and your Mississippi businesses logo design should also be unique to you so don’t solely rely on other Mississippi competitors logo designs as your only source of inspiration. If you study all logos in all industries you will start to draw parallels between the designs that appeal to you and how you think your logo design should feel and how you would like to be identified.

Design is Emotional | Logos are Personal

People are often driven by their emotions so Mississippi logo designs, while logical in purpose are often dictated by the emotional response of the client and this can lead to some fairly horrible logo designs. This happens because many designers are so concerned with pleasing their clients they are hesitant to risk offending them by telling them that their logo design ideas don’t work. If you hire ImageCo, you won’t be hiring a ‘yes’ man, you’ll be hiring a designer that is driven to create the most effective designs possible for his clients. I have no problem telling customers what they need to hear, good design happens in the dialogue between the customer and the designer. The conversation needs to be open and flow back and forth.

You’re a Professional | Trust a Professional

You don’t need 300 designers competing to design one logo design for your Mississippi business and you don’t need 100 logo designs to choose from. All any Mississippi business owner really needs is an experienced professional logo designer that understands their vision and and is able to shape that vision into an original, effective, timeless logo design. It may take several iterations to shape the right Mississippi logo design and it will certainly take at least 2 people to create it (yourself and your designer) but a successful, intelligent logo design can’t be won in a contest. A quality Mississippi logo design is created through open communication and mutual understanding.

Tim-Garner-150x150ImageCo is the online portfolio of Tim Garner; I’ve been a commercial artist for over 25 years and I help businesses and individuals throughout the US and Canada sell their products, their services, and their ideas. I was born in the Southwest, raised in the Midwest, lived in the South for a bit and now call the Northwest home. I’m a fine artist by training, a graphic designer by choice and I’ve designed everything from billboards to business cards. In my spare time I feed a passion for photography, art and writing. Check out my other creative work at