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Congregations for the Homeless

CFH is a great illustration of exactly how the work of a small group can|can have such a lasting impact on the well-being of a community. CFH first opened up their doors to displaced men in 1993 when a modest group of people took it upon themselves to aid an under served section of the population by giving food and shelter to individuals in distress.

Ever since their founding, the Congregations for the Homeless charity has assisted over 175 men find long term shelter.

CFH is now working on establishing a permanent men’s shelter on the Eastside. I’ve been working with the staff of CFH in an ongoing role in order to assist them obtain more funding to create a permanent men’s shelter a reality. If you ‘d like to contribute to this worthy cause you can find a donation button on their web site.

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Hadaway Consulting & Engineering

An established specialist in the oil and gas industry, Hadaway Engineering is a relatively small independent company that is thriving in an industry that is dominated by immense players the likes of Exxon and Philips.

Hadaway first enlisted ImageCo a decade back to create their very first web site and in addition design a new brand identity for them that was used to brand their website and the rest of their advertising and marketing materials.

When it came time for an update they contacted ImageCo again and we exceeded their expectations and delivered a website that catches the independent nature of their company and positions them as the industry professionals that these guys are.

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This project is a great example of precisely how a small two person outfit can easily compete against the big players. Lenalysis is a start-up actuarial and finance solutions company that competes in an industry that is dominated by large actuarial firms, the biggest being a company with over 30,000 workers established in 24 countries.

It helps to be brilliant at what you do, and these folks are, however it also really helps to appear just as capable and honed as the multi-national companies that you’re competing with.

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Alta Transportation

When Alta Transportation originally opened for business in Napa they contacted ImageCo to assist them in branding their new business with a unique brand mark and website to introduce and position themselves as an upscale transportation service company.

Originally started as a limousine accommodation service their company model evolved over time to concentrate more on wine country scenic tours. When they reached out to me in early 2019 they were set to develop an online identity that would help convey the new path their business had taken.

It was a terrific opportunity to put my talents to use and I took it to heart to develop an entirely fresh approach to how Alta presented themselves on the internet and instead of emphasizing them as just one more Napa Valley limousine services business, I refocused the imagery to placed the focus on adventure, romance, and friendship.

I also wrote two new slogans to help define and promote them as the specialists in guided winery and vineyard tours in the entire Napa Valley.

“Taste The Experience” and “Our Business is Your Pleasure”

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Smiles by Design

I was formerly retained by Dr. Rahaim several years back in order to design his logo when he began his very first office, BayView Orthodontics. When Dr. Rahaim made a decision to start an additional office he brought me in to develop a new website.

For his original website, Dr. Rahaim employed a well-known web design firm that specialized in creating business websites for dental offices, at some point, Dr. Rahaim came to recognize that they didn’t produce the level of quality he was searching for, plus their month-to-month costs were really too high. I found out that just about every single web site these people did was actually theme based and they used the same exact web content which was used on over 5000 other sites which in turn completely poisoned every one of those websites chances of ever showing up in any organic searches.

For Smiles by Design all the web content was thoroughly unique, photos, graphics, and content were all produced exclusively for his new website. The final result was a one of a kind dental website that stands apart from the orthodontic industry standard use of template based web sites and advertising copy that is reused ad infinitum.

The brand-new Smiles by Design website concept was done with the same level of service and expertise that Dr. Rahaim brings to every patient that has the opportunity of being his patient.

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