Seattle Logo Design

Seattle… the center of the universe

Well technically speaking it’s the neighborhood of Fremont that is the center of the universe but by proximity that also includes Seattle (but not the eastside;-). Seattle is really a melting pot of small communities and each of them bring a flavor all their own to our city. But one thing all of these neighborhoods have in common is that each of them are peppered with small businesses that together add to the competitive entrepreneurial spirit of Seattle. That competitive spirit is also why each Seattle business needs it’s own well designed logo and business identity to stand out from their competition.

From the small funky shops on capitol hill to the big upscale stores of downtown Seattle and even the invisible businesses hidden away in the towering skyline of Seattle all of them need to have a business logo and a visual identity that will give them recognition and visibility in their specific markets. A good logo design can make all the difference for a small Seattle business, especially if their business relies on a sign to get noticed. When a potential customer sees your logo you have a very small window of opportunity to get and hold their attention long enough to make an impression on them. That goes for signs, business cards, websites and any other marketing tools you use to drive customers to your Seattle business.

I started doing business as ImageCo in Seattle shortly after the dot com implosion of 2001 and I have been going strong ever since. I’ve personally designed logos, signs, websites and a variety of other marketing material for 100’s of businesses and individuals in and around Seattle as well as the rest of the US and Canada. Remarkably I now have customers on 6 continents and I attribute my success to being accessible, affordable and above all being very good at what I do; and what I do is pretty much whatever it takes to help my customers achieve the same kind of success I’ve experienced.